We must always act with integrity.


We respect others and always strive to understand their viewpoints.


We can achieve any goal with teamwork, focus and commitment.


We value diversity because it makes us stronger.


We value creativity and entrepreneurship, and are committed to being an innovator in everything we do.


Economic alignment is essential in every partner relationship.


We live in the short-term but are patiently committed to the long-term because great businesses are created over years.


We are committed to each team member’s personal growth through the journey of lifelong learning.


We are a meritocracy that offers significant economic opportunity to each of our team members.

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We empower our team members because responsibility without authority is unacceptable.


We are passionate about our work because it allows us to improve the lives of the people in the communities in which we invest.


Our investors’ commitments of capital create a “sacred trust”.